Nonprofit Group 'Cleaning For A Reason' Cleans Homes For Cancer Patients
Women battling cancer have found an ally in a nonprofit group that offers free house cleaning for U.S. and Canadian cancer patients, so far serving more than 19,500 women and providing over $ 5.5 million worth of housekeeping services. And the reason …
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Amish Kitchen: All hands on deck for house cleaning
This is a cold winter day with the mercury on the thermometer dipping way down to 5 degrees. It is snowing but the wind isn't as strong as it was yesterday. Joseph, 13, Lovina, 11, and Kevin, 10, didn't have school yesterday. It was cancelled due to …
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New Essential Lemon Oil For Home Cleaning Released
A business in Los Angeles, CA, is proud to introduce their new lemon essential oil that can be used as a natural cleaner for the home. This product can help people clean their homes naturally, enabling them to avoid harmful toxic chemicals to make …
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Household cleaning products could endanger your pets
But is all this cleaning safe for our four-legged friends? Some of the products that clean and disinfect our homes can harm our dogs and cats. In the US, the Pet Poison Helpline ranked household cleaning products as the sixth most toxic items for dogs.
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