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Perhaps our most comprehensive checklist is for the office restrooms. Without restroom cleaning skills and  the know-how, there would be no business for a cleaning service. all Businesses throughout Florida in particular has tens of thousands of restrooms owned by businesses. That is why it is so important to our to our reputation that we leave restrooms sparkling and Xtremely Clean. During every cleaning, we empty trash and change the bag. We clean and sanitize the toilet seat, handle and bowl. We even scrub and sanitize urinals and their handles. We sanitize the door handles and toilet paper holders, and replace the latter when necessary. Also, we refill soap dispensers and air freshener cartridges as necessary.

Office cleaning

Checklist for Offices

Our office cleaning services checklist also has notes for the company break area. The trash bin and floor rules are very much the same, but there are additional items to be considered. For example, break rooms often have refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves. We at Xtremely Clean Janitorial Service will clean the inside of these appliances and sanitize the outside handles to prevent germ transfer or allergic reactions. We also make sure to wipe down countertops, cabinets, tables, chairs as well as the sink and its handles. Every day we also check the roll of paper towels and replace it if necessary. While we will not wash your dishes for you, we do refill the dish soap weekly. At the end of each day, we turn off all the lights and lock the door to the break room.

Residential cleaningJanitorial Services

No matter what type of professional janitorial services your facility requires, we have the resources, experience, and quality-control systems in place to get it done right the first time, and every time thereafter. When you request a free estimate, we will customize a janitorial service plan to fit your facility's unique needs. Whether you require janitorial service regularly or on a one-time-only basis, we can create a plan that satisfies all your requirements. And with our flexible contract options, you can customize your janitorial services based on the needs and demands of your business or office.  Check out our additional services below by clicking on the tab that would work wonders with your office cleaning needs:

xtremely clean

xtremely clean

IMG_0828Call Xtremely Clean today to have one of our service experts give you a free on-site estimate. Even if you currently have a window cleaning service, Xtremely Clean can provide you a competitive estimate. 

Carpet Cleaning Service

Xtremely Clean has a reputation as one of the best full-service carpet cleaners in the Tampa Bay area. carpet-shampoo tile, wood, carpet, as well as experts in rug cleaning. When we clean a carpet Tampa Bay businesses take notice. Carpet cleaning in Tampa Bay is vital to maintaining the health of your employees, and we are more than prepared to take on this task for you. Steam cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning, or dry cleaning, Xtremely Clean has the advanced equipment and expert staff to ensure the carpeting in your office maintains the look and health of your office. Bottom line, we can clean a carpet business owners will be proud of.
In terms of office health, consistent carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is important.Tampa Bay city streets have a way of depositing dirt into offices from the shoes of customers and clients, which can make a neglected and dirty carpet a liability for your company. Vacuuming is simply not enough; it can reduce the amount of dirt on a carpet, but it does little to reduce allergens and contagions. Finding expert carpet cleaners in Tampa Bay can help keep your workers healthy, thus contributing to the bottom line of any business.
We also offer specialty rug cleaning services, including Oriental rug cleaning Tampa Bay residents will appreciate. Our attention to detail and the care we take with each cleaning are unmatched. Rug cleaning, especially Oriental and specialty area rugs, may require special care and attention.

Hot Water Extraction or “Steam” Cleaning

When used to clean carpets, steam cleaning is a process that dislodges dirt and grime from carpet. Steam cleaning cleans deeper than vacuuming, removing even the ground-in dirt and grime that vacuums leave behind. This is important because the dirt left behind by vacuums can become the source of other allergens and contagions remaining in the fibers, causing adverse health effects in your employees, such as asthma attacks and irritation. Sick workers are unproductive workers so something to invest in is a clean carpet

Xtremely Clean use, the most thorough carpet cleaners, use steam cleaners to ensure the health of your employees and the aesthetic appeal of your office. The steam cleaner uses a combination of a cleaning agent and hot water, pushing the mixture through high-pressure jets. The jets allow the steam to penetrate and dislodge the caked-on dirt. Once that dirt is dislodged from the carpeting, the cleaner’s high-powered vacuum removes the dirt, as well as any excess detergent or dirty water.


The idea when shampooing a carpet is to create foam on the carpet, allowing that foam to penetrate the fibers while it dries. The dry residue of the foam then attracts the soil within the carpet, and, after this all occurs, the residue and any undesirable agents are removed with a vacuum.

When we shampoo your carpets, we shower cleaning solution on the fibers and agitate the solution into foam using a cylindrical brush that revolves. The brush allows the foam to penetrate the carpet’s fibers, removing any dirt, allergens, and contagions. We then vacuum the carpet, leaving it in better than new condition, a carpet businesses can take pride in.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is like our shampooing procedure. We use a rotary floor machine containing a round absorbent pad on the bottom. First we spray detergent directly on the carpet and start the machine a few minutes later. The soil is removed by the absorbent pads which rotate on the carpet. The result is the cleanest carpet Tampa Bay area Cities has ever seen!


Photo Sep 29, 2 51 14 PMXtremely Clean Janitorial Service uses only the highest quality cleaning solutions and floor waxing products to ensure your carpet, tile or hardwood floors keep looking great for years.Extend your carpet’s life with proper care from the professionals at Xtremely Clean Janitorial.

Xtremely Clean Janitorial Service has the right people with the proper equipment to ensure your customers notice your attention to detail and your employees will appreciate your respect for their health. Our employees are trained on how to specifically give your office or facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time they clean.


Looking for professional, fully licensedand insured Pressure Washing Services
in the Tampa Bay area?

Xtremely Clean  offers Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing &
Exterior Cleaning Services throughout Tampa Bay. Call us today for a free estimate regarding all of your Pressure Cleaning & Non Pressure Cleaning requirements.TCC Enterprise Power Wasing During

Let us help you achieve the best possible impression with one of our services. Pressure washing is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to increase your home or commercial properties value. Having your driveways, decks, roof, and store fronts clean increases the value and appearance of your home or business and helps protect your most valuable investments. Xtremely Clean Pressure Cleaning has the experience needed to transform your property safely, quickly, and affordably.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Working with businesses to accommodate their schedules, Xtremely Clean Janitorial Service understands how important a business external appearance is to their bottom line. Providing exceptional  Power Wash Cleaning services for Tampa Bay businesses, some of the areas able to be pressure washed include:

  • Driveways & Walkways,
  • Drive Thru  Areas ,
  • Dumpster  Areas,
  • Building Exteriors,
  • Sidewalks,
  • Pool Deck & Patios

Tried & True Systems Ensure Consistent and Quality Services

  • Every tenant is treated as an individual customer and when your tenants are happy, you are happy.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial uniformed employees are fully bonded and insured.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial boasts lower than average employee turnover due to programs that reward through incentives and recognition.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial finds and retains the best staff by paying more than the competition.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial’s strict hiring process ensures only the best employees are working in your building.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial has an outstanding customer retention rate.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial routinely inspects customer buildings so standards are met each and every time.
  • Xtremely Clean Janitorial understands budget constraints and works with clients to support them through budget challenges.

Our unique Color-Coded Cleaning System eliminates potential for cross-contamination between restrooms and other building areas and Office Pride uses the safest and most effective Green Seal™ certified chemicals and cleaning equipment along with mop systems, buffers, vacuums, and specialized floor machines.

Our cleaners are all toilet trained but trained in many other areas to make your buildings and offices beautiful from floor to ceiling. Find out why hundreds of property and facility managers nationwide choose and recommend Xtremely Clean Janitorial for their routine janitorial services.

Facilities We Serve:

  • Office Buildings
  • Schools / Day Cares
  • Fitness Centers
  • College Student Housing
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Legal Firms



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